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Huge News!

I am thrilled beyond the telling of it that I will be joining 34 other wonderful indie authors at the Stamford Author Event at the Stanford Hilton in Stanford, CT.  There will be a book signing, give-aways, a chance to win VIP passes to a mixer with the authors and the bloggers attending the event and lots of other fun stuff.

The most awesome part (besides the fact that I am still jumping up and down about being included) is registration is FREE, that’s right kiddos, zero pennies from your pocket and you get to meet and greet cool people like me, OK, so most are WAY cooler than me but I’m going to be there, please visit their site to learn about all the amazing authors who will be there as well as information on contests, hotels, registration, etc.  A huge thanks to Laura Howard and Jena Gregoire for organizing this amazing event.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have a completed draft of Dominion: Jane, ready by the event…


Find more information here: http://stamfordauthorevent.wordpress.com/

So it’s been very quiet, but it’s about to get loud…

really, really loud, because as of tonight we are live, on Amazon and Smashwords and should be live on Barnes and Noble tomorrow!!  We are ahead of the May 3 planned publish date because it turns out I’ll be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary at sea, and publishing from a boat is a challenge.

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You’ll also notice we have a new cover.  While I loved the cover James at Humblenations.com did for me, additional research and discussion showed that romance novels with people on the cover just sell better, it’s sad but true,  I tried to find some one who looked like Cora and Dan and had little to no luck, but in the 11th hour I found the perfect couple.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Keep tuned for more information about a potential blog tour as well as my next project!