I’ll be at the North Shore Author signing, and then I’ll be going on hiatus…

cherry-blossoms-sakura-spring2I just wanted to let those who actually follow my blog know that I’m still alive and kicking.  Writing Dominion:Jane has been painfully slow and health issues have compounded the difficulty in writing.  I’m not giving up, but I need to slow down and take the pressure (mostly self-inflicted) off to let myself heal, or at least find my new normal.

I have one more book signing scheduled this year.  I’ll be at the North Shore Author Signing on Saturday, April 12, 2014.  I will have have hard copies of Like You Read About for sale and signature.  I’ll be signing books, Kindles and whatever you’d like.  If you’ve got your Kindle with you and already own a e-book copy of Like You Read About show me and I’ll also be offering a deal on a hard copy.  After this signing I’m going to be laying pretty low and not scheduling anything additional until I have something of substance to give you.  I promise I’ll be back, but for now I hope you can have some patience, because when Dominion (Jane, Anya and Marisol) are done it’ll be one heck of  BDSM series.

I want to thank all my readers, those who’ve left reviews, those who’ve shown support from day one.  I also want to thank my amazing husband who has supported and continues to support and encourage me in this endeavor, and in all facets of my wild, weird life.


Dominion: Jane Release Information

Hello All, I know it seems like I’ve fallen of the face of the earth…  Well I kind of did, besides my normal migraine hell which slows me down in general my gallbladder decided to be bothersome.  First it had me in the hospital for a few days, and then two weeks later it had to be removed.  Since Vicodin and coherent writing don’t mix well I’ve lost several weeks in the writing process.

Although I had hoped for a mid-November release there is no way that is going to happen, for those of you who were waiting I’m so sorry.  I am now shooting for Mid-December.  I’ve lined up a cover release and a blog tour with Debra at the Book Enthusiast.  I’m looking forward to having you see the smoking hot cover, and visiting all those wonderful host blogs and sharing my book with their readers and with you.

Another piece of news for the readers.  Like You Read About is going through a new edit.  I’m hoping to have the new version uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords after the first of the year.  If you’ve already purchased the book your file will be automatically updated on your e-reader.

Well back to the writing cave for me, as always, thanks for your support and your patience.


Virtual Signing

For those of you who are interested in a signed copy of Like You Read About but weren’t able to make it to the Stamford Author Event I will be hosting a virtual signing.  The books are $9 plus $3 for shipping via media mail.  Please send me an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in owning a hard copy of the book.

I’m still plugging away on Dominion: Jane, hoping to have something for Beta and editing by the middle to end of September.  What’s up with you readers?

How about a sneak peek?

So I’ve been in crazy gear up to Stamford mode, but I’ve also been working on Dominion: Jane, so how about a sneak peek into my new world?  Here’s a snippet of the beginning of chapter 1.

Remember this is unedited and may change prior to publication.

Dominion: Jane

~Chapter 1~

It started like every Saturday night had for the last two months and would probably end the same way.  Jane knelt in the public area of Dominion, with all the other unattached submissives some looking for a play partner for the night, and some hoping to find a permanent Dom.

Jane was getting to the point where she had given up on finding a Dom, she just wanted someone to select her.  She wasn’t the youngest girl kneeling, she wasn’t the thinnest girl kneeling, but for 45 she looked pretty good.  However at 45, kneeling for 3 hours tended to wear on a body.

But without fail every Saturday night she came to Dominion, changed out of her street clothes and into a skimpy lace camisole and boy-shorts and padded on bare feet to check in with Slade, the monitor for the unattached subs and take her place in the line.  Kneel, sit back on your heels, hands and forearms on your thighs open in submission, head bowed, waiting to speak until someone spoke to you.

At 45, her kids grown, her husband dead 5 years now Jane finally figured out who she really was and what she really wanted.  She read, and researched and spent time online, Fetlife and other message boards, you name a place on the internet and she’d been there, at least once.  She was submissive, and now that there was no one to take care of but her it was time she started meeting her own needs.  Fantasy and online lifestyle just didn’t cut it, she wanted a Dom to call her own, what she really wanted was to live 24/7 but she’d settle for someone, anyone to pick her from the fucking line.

At 11:00 she got up, stretched and went over to the bar, waiting time was over,  the other two girls left decided to go off to a play space together and just fool around on their own.  She would have a glass of wine, try not to cry and then change and head home.  She didn’t understand what she was doing wrong, brattier girls, heavier girls, certainly less attractive girls had been chosen, but she sat, week after week.  She’d attended the clubs mandatory training for new members, went to the submissive discussion groups to try and learn from them what she might do to move her cause forward.  She never spoke up at the discussion groups though, she didn’t have anything to add and everyone there seemed so experienced.