It’s Almost Here!!

It’s now Thursday, which means in just two more days I’ll be at the North Shore Author Signing.  I’m so excited to go and meet wonderful authors and readers, and I’ve decided to crank up the fun.  In addition to the hard copy of my book going into the event wide raffle I’m also going to be running some promotional specials and a raffle of my own.

If you buy a hard copy of Like You Read About for $9 you will also receive a coupon code for Smashwords to download a FREE digital copy for your e-reader.  If you come up to my table with your e-reader and you already have Like You Read About in an e-format and would like to buy a paperback (with or without signature) I will sell you one for the reader appreciation price of $5.  That’s right, if you already own the e-book you can get a signed hard copy for your library at home for a bargain.

AND… to top off that madness every purchase will enter you into my own raffle, one for a very special Cora and Dan related prize as the super awesome first place.  It’s the gift Dan first gives Cora, can you guess what it is?  A second place prize of an Amazon gift card and a little something extra that caught my eye while I was out shopping this morning will also be given out as a raffle prize.

I’ll also have lots of yummy candy, free hugs and my adorable friend Lori who will be helping me make change, sell books and make sure I’ve always got my green pen and a Tervis cup filled with caffeine free Coke Zero.

Can’t wait to meet you all on Saturday, please make sure to stop by table 35, even if it’s just to say Hi!

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